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SUDS Car Wash is happy to offer a version of our customer- favorite Unlimited Wash Club, especially for businesses. This option is the most affordable way to keep your fleet clean- all the time.


Our most popular option is our Business Soap & Shine Wash Club at $19.99/month per vehicle. We can either auto-recharge a card on file or invoice monthly depending on the businesses' preferences. This offers a great exterior wash with the exception of tire shine & wax, considering most businesses don't want all the extras. However, for an additional $6/month per vehicle, this can be added! Each vehicle can visit EVERY DAY!

Each vehicle receives a small RFID sticker in the corner of the windshield & is identified in our system by the license plate number.

Using it is simple for the driver. All they have to do it pull up to our pay station, our RFID FastPass readers will automatically recognize their account and open the gate. The vehicle will be washed and dried in less than 3 minutes, keeping your fleet on the road! The driver will never have to pay per visit. 

If you are interested in speaking to our Sales Department concerning a quote or questions, please complete the form below. Braxton- Director of Sales and Marketing will contact you very soon!

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