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Provides exceptional gloss and color depth


Superior water repellency to keep that showroom shine


Shields your vehicle against bugs & bird droppings

  • How do I discontinue my Unlimited Wash Plan?
    Visit any SUDS Car Wash location. Any team member will be happy to provide you with an Unlimited Wash Plan Discontiue Form. Please be prepared to know your vehicle's FastPass sticker number (12345+123456) & your smart phone for zero contact cancellations.
  • Can I freeze billing on my Unlimited Wash Plan?
    Yes. Visit any SUDS Car Wash location and ask any team member to assist in freezing billing on your Unlimited Wash Plan. Please know the number on your vehicle's FastPass sticker (12345+123456) before you go to confirm your account.
  • Can I change the vehicle registered to my Unlimited Wash Plan?
    Yes. You may change teh vehicle on file up to 2 times per year. They must be "permanant" changes and can not flip back and forth per visit. If you purchase a new vehicle or simply prefer it on another vehicle, we can simply assign a new sticker to your existing Unlimited Wash Plan! No need to cancel and re-activate a new one. Visit any SUDS Car Wash location and ask a team member for assistance!
  • Does SUDS Car Wash offer refunds on our Unlimted Wash Plans?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds on Unlimited Wash Plans that were not properly discontinued by the customer prior to the recharge date. This is in accordance with our Automatic Recharge Authorization Policy that is displayed on-screen at signup, on the receipt, online, & sent via text message.
  • Can my vehicle be too dirty for the wash?
    Yes! We are an express car wash. Unfortunately, our equipment is not designed to vehicles with any layer of mud. If you vehcile is deemed as too dirty, we may kindly ask that you remove any chunks of mud from your vehicle before returning for a free wash at a later time. These build-up mud chunks are a danger to our equipment, your vehicle, and customers behind you in line, as these chunks may become projectilies.
  • Is your car wash safe for my vehicle's finish?
    Yes! Why is our wash so safe? 1. We use all-neophrene foam for our friction material rather than the traditional brushes found in most automatic car washes. Technology has provided a non-porus material that is impossible to hold or trap any particles that could become a danger for your vehicles finish. Our wash process and equipment is the newest available on the market, and often double the cost of the equipment our competitors use. At least once per year we update our process to adapt to the current market & make small tweaks each week stemming from our wash quality reports. Why? Becasue we are committed to being exceptional and not just the sterotypical car wash. 2. Our friction material (neophrene) is rinsed constantly by high pressure water between each vehicle. In addition to that, each night our staff is on site hours later performing a deep clean of our entire wash tunnel, including our neophrene friction material. 3. Although it may seem like a lot of pressure is being placed on your vehicle, our wash places less pressure than washing your vehicle by hand. You may get the perception that it is due to you being in an enclosed metal vehicle that makes what is going on outside seem much more loud. 4. According to the University of Texas's study, automatic car washes are deemed as safer for your vehicle's finish than hand washing, even the "two bucket method" & has a higher reward for the effort put in. Being afraid of automatic car washes is nothing but a sterotype according to university studies. See the study HERE. We take our customer's vehicles seriously and put as much care into theirs as we do our own. Each day, our employees drive their own personal vehicles through to ensure our equipment (timing, application) is correct before we wash a single customer vehicle.
  • Can my vehicle go through the wash?
    Vehicles that cannot physically go though our wash tunnels are: - Vehicles with a height of 7'2" or greater - Vehicles with a width of 7'2" from the outside of each tire - Trucks with debris in their bed including but not limited to flammable liquids, gravel, mulch, etc. If your truck bed is full, you may visit once it is cleared out to receive your wash - Trucks with dual rear wheels (duallys) - Vehicles with permanently affixed tripod-style mirrors - Trucks or vans with ladders - Vehicles with tires wider than 12.5" - Vehicles with bike racks or any rear-mounted rack - Vehicles with excessive mud - Vehicles with body damage or flaking rust that could become caught - Vehicles with brush guards that extend past the headlights Please understand that all of teh above limitations are strictly for the safety of your vehicle and our equipment.
  • Does SUDS Car Wash offer detailing services?
    No. SUDS Car Wash is an express exterior wash. We clean the exterior of your vehicles with automated machinery. However, we do offer FREE vacuums & towels in the lot for every customer to enjoy themselves every visit!
  • How does the free vacuums work?
    It's easy! They're kept running all day while we are open. Simply take the hose from the stantion and use as needed. We kindly ask that you put them back once you're finished using them to prevent any trip/ fall hazards as well as limit your time to ten minutes to allow other customers to use this service. What should I do if the vacuums have little or no suction? ALERT A TEAM MEMBER! Each hose is checked hourly throughout the day by a team member to ensure there are no blockages. If our vacuums are not sucking, it is likely due to the customer before you sucking up something large. Believe us.... we have found some crazy things in there! However, our equipment is designed to provide easy maintenance from a team member to have that vacuum in tip-top shape in under a minute! Please allow us a chance to fix it so noone else has to have the same experience. Vacuums are unavailable when it is actively raining or recently rained. Why? Because if water is sucked up, it mixes with the dust to create a thick mud that can severely damage our equipment. Most of our locations have 2 rows of vacuums stalls. We generally don't have the need to have both rows powered on and running all day. You may notice one side is blocked off by cones. Please use whichever row is not blocked. We will be happy to open both rows when wash volume requires it. By doing this, we save power, allow our team members a place to park, and provide downtime for that equipment to be serviced often.
  • How does the towel program work?
    Our team members provides free-to-use towels for customers to use to finish their vehicle to their liking. You may use them to wipe down any water dropplets left on your vehicle or wipe the dust off your dashboard! We ask that you kindly return used towels to the designated bins so our team can wash and sanitize them before each visit! The towels are damp, aren't they supposed to be dry? NOPE! Our microfiber towels are supposed to be damp when our customer's use them. Water works like a magnet. The damp microfiber will dry better damp versus dry. This is intentional by our team.
  • Is SUDS Car Wash eco friendly?
    Yes we are! SUDS Car Wash recycles water multiple times before we dispose of it. We use around 30 gallons of water to wash a vehicle while the average person washing at home will use around 114 gallons of water washing their vehicle.
  • Is SUDS Car Wash hiring?
    We are ALWAYS looking for exceptional people! We never have a set number of "positions" available. We strongly encourage anyone who may be interested to apply online at
  • I don't know anything about washing vehicles!
    No problem! One of our proudest accomplishments is our ever-growning training program. We specialize in training people who may have never worked in our industry before into experts in their own roles.
  • I don't want to wash vehicles!
    Apply for our Customer Concierge position! This position is solely customer service and sales based, centered around our Unlimited Wash Plans and an exceptional customer experience. Apply online now at!
  • I have applied, what's next?"
    As part of our hiring process, you may be contacted for an initial screening interview with a member of our admin staff soon.
  • How old do I have to be to work at SUDS Car Wash?
    Applicants as young as 16 are invited to apply for a position. However, employees under 18 are limited by working hours and responsibilities for safety and labor law reasons.
  • I'm having problems submitting my application, who can I contact?"
    You can email for support or get in contact with a specific location.
  • How can I check the status of my application?
    You can check the status of your submitted application by contacting the Site Supervisor of the location you applied for.
  • Do gift cards expire?
    Yes. In 1 year (365 days) from the date of loading dollar value.
  • Can I check the balance of my gift card?
    Yes. Check your balance now online HERE.
  • Does SUDS Car Wash offer a fundraiser for local non-profits?
    Yes! Visit to learn about SUDS Bucks.
  • Would SUDS Car Wash be interested in donating a free car wash for my fundraising event?
    Contact with details for concideration.

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