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At SUDS Car Wash, we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers. We understand that certain days of the month align with customers' busy schedules for their automatic recharge to be billed for an existing Unlimited Wash Plan. 

Some reasons why a customer may want to change their recharge date are:

1. You are paid on a certain day each month and want your automatic recharge to be billed the same or the next day.

2. Your other bills come out on a certain day each month and you want to keep all bills on the same schedule to make your finances easier to manage and predict.

If your automatic recharge is declined, you could experience a lapse in service and be unable to wash your vehicle.

How this process works:
1. Complete the scheduling process below to automatically schedule which day you would like your new recharge date to be each month going forward.
2. On the date you confirm, a member of our sales team will manually switch the plan to recharge ON THAT DATE.
3. This will not stop any recharges that are already scheduled to occur prior to the date you select.
4. On the date you confirm, you will receive a PRORATED REFUND for the remaining time in the existing billing cycle. This refund will be applied as a discount towards your new recharge. So, you should expect a random amount to be charged that is not the usual monthly amount to your credit card on file.
5. The process is not complete until you receive both an on-screen and email confirmation at the end.
6. If you select the 29th, 30th, or 31st of a month, the initial charge will occur on that date. However, those dates do not occur in all 12 calendar months, therefore, you will automatically recharge on either the 28th or 1st of the month going forward.


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