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Discontinue your SUDS FastPass

Hello FastPass member, please answer the following questions before you are redirected to one of our online self-service forms to complete your request.

Please note: your FastPass is not discontinued until you complete the below form and the form on the next page after selecting the green button at the bottom "CONTINUE TO THE NEXT PAGE"

IMPORTANT: If you have more than 1 vehicle that you wish to discontinue your FastPass for, you must submit a request for EACH VEHICLE. Accounts are set up individually on a per-vehicle basis and not under owner names.

If your FastPass plan has declined and failed to recharge this billing cycle, please click HERE to contact out Customer Contact Center. 

IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation message on-screen right after submission & an email shortly after. Please know that your Plan is not discontinued if you do not receive a confirmation. SUDS Car Wash is not responsible for plans not canceled correctly and is not permitted to refund charges without proof of the cancellation confirmation.

Once you enter your information on the next page, DO NOT CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON MULTIPLE TIMES IF LOADING IS SLOW to prevent an incorrect confirmation message! 

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